The Chief Minister of Chhattisgarh is elected by the people of the state. He/she belongs to a political party. In the growth and the maintenance of the state government of Chattisgarh, Chief Minister has a vital role.

The Chief Minister of Chattisgarh is a prominent person who makes the important decisions for the state government. He/she has the responsibility to lead the state government of Chattisgarh in a correct way.

Chhattisgarh Assembly
Chhattisgarh Assembly

The Chief Minister can be easily called the most important person in the state government and hence, meeting such a person is definitely not easy. How to Meet Chief Minister of Chattisgarh? Here comes the answer to this query.

How to Meet Chief Minister of Chhattisgarh Personally and Face to Face

1. Demand for an appointment

The very important thing for meeting the Chief Minister is an appointment letter. If you want to meet the Chief Minister as a group or individually, you need to get an appointment. This appointment is provided by the Chief Minister’s office.

You have to post your appointment letter to the Chief Minister’s Office of Chattisgarh. The letter has to be send to the following address,

The Chief Minister of Chattisgarh,
Chief Minister House,
Telephone No-0771 2221000, 2221001, 5080303
0771 2331000, 2331001(Residence)

If you got appointment, then you will receive a call from the Chief Minister’s office. Once you have got a confirmation, you can meet the CM.

2. Send a request mail to CM office

You can also send your request letter through email. Simply type your request letter and attach this letter in an email. Send this email to the official email address of the Chattisgarh Chief Minister. You will be intimated about your request through a response mail. Wait for the mail and meet the Chief Minister if you got permission.

3. Meet through your local MLA

How to meet Chief Minister of Chattisgarh Personally? The local political leader of your area can help you in this. Meet the local area MLA or MP and tell about your request. Ask him to help you for meeting the CM. As he/she is an MLA, he/she frequently meets the Chief Minister of Chattisgarh. So he/she may help you to get permission for meeting the Chief Minister of Chattisgarh.

4. Political meetings are a good option

The political party of the Chief Minister often host political meetings. The Chief Minister of Chattisgarh attends this political meeting. So, it is a good chance for meeting the Chief Minister of Chattisgarh. Collect proper information about when and where the political meeting is conducted. Then attend the meeting and meet the Chief Minister.

5. Try some general interview or question session

How to Meet Chief Minister of Chattisgarh Face to Face? One can try some personal interview or question session. Get permission for a personal interview with the Chief Minister. Quote your request about the interview in the form of a letter or mail and send it to the Chief Minister’s office.

If your request is for a good cause, then your request letter will be forwarded to the Chief Minister. The Chief Minister will provide permission if he/she wishes to take part in the personal interview.

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Article Title: How to Meet Chief Minister of Chhattisgarh Personally and Face to Face
Article first published on May 9, 2017.

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